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Our Company

UNIwise is an independent software and consultant company with the motto of creating intelligent educational solutions targeting assessment and exams for educational and academic institutions. UNIwise has grown out of the educational sector itself, and due to its previous positions, the management and consultants have a long and strong relationship with the educational sector. Therefore UNIwise also takes pride in having and maintaining great knowledge and a deep understanding of the diversified nature of administrative, academic and pedagogical aspects of education today. Together with the cutting-edge cloud based end-to-end exam platform WISEflow™, and some of the brightest developers, UNIwise strive to make a significant difference for our clients, by constantly being a pro-active partner that foresee customer demands and requirements, and always take the first step in serving our clients needs.

Our vision is that exams can be conducted digitally in a secure and reliable online environment, to the full satisfaction of the participant, assessor, administrator and educational institution.

Our mission is to help and guide educational institutions and organizations to a safe transition from manually to digitally based assessment and exams and to create and maintain the new standards defining the meaning of digital exam& assessment.